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About Us

During the prohibition era, those in the know often knew speakeasies as Blind Pig or Blind Tiger. Given their secretive status and presence in the underbelly of the cities of the era, these namesake animals were more than appropriate. For our purposes, however, no tiger or pig would do. In searching for the perfect representation for our concept, we wanted to choose an animal that was resourceful, amiable, and has stood the test of time. In our opinion, there is no animal that represents these characteristics better than the goat; an animal that has been ever present in acting as a source of nourishment and companionship for humans since the beginning of our existence.

Here at The Blind Goat Food and Drink Co. we are striving to create a top-shelf social experience for the local community, while also staying true to the roots of American nightlife culture. While we won't ask you for a password, or make you obey any antiquated rules, we do ask that you take notice of our efforts to pay homage to the classics. We have made a point to consider the history of the American bar in choosing every aspect of The Blind Goat. From our customer service, to our deliciously simple cuisine, to the many cocktails, beers, and wines that we offer, we are excited to have you give it all a try and look forward to you becoming a part of our family. We hope that The Blind Goat will not just be a pit stop along the way on your night out, but instead will become a destination where you are comfortable spending hours on end with some of the best company around.